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Driver and Vehicle Requirements

You must have a helmet that is SA, M, or FIA rated. SA helmet must be SA2015 or newer and M helmets must be M2015+. Open face helmets are accepted (closed cockpit only), but full face helmets are preferred.

Convertibles with no roll-over protection are prohibited.  All NA & NB miatas (89-05) must have approved roll bars to be on the race track. Please contact us to make sure your convertible is allowed. Both driver and passenger heads with helmets must be below the top of front windshield and roll bar.

Numbers are required and you can pick your own numbers (Minimum two digits). The numbers 1 and 7 cannot be repeated, and no single digit numbers. Numbers are required to be at least 6” tall and must be run on each side of the car.

Tow hooks are required. If your vehicle does not come with one, please have one installed, (aftermarket may be allowed) or figure out a tow point (at the front) that we can use to pull you off track if necessary. It is your responsibility to make sure that use of the tow hook or tow point will not damage your car. You will be responsible for damage done to your car due to towing.

Speed limit in the paddock is 10 mph. Absolutely no drifting or burn outs inside the paddock. Driver will be removed from the venue if this policy is violated.

The only insurance covering drivers and their vehicles is their own, please check with your provider.

Pets are allowed, but must be leashed at all times. Failure to maintain your pet could result in your ejection from the event.​

A Corsa track events waiver must be signed at drivers meeting to participate in our event.  Driver's meetings must be attended for all run groups (see emailed schedule for more details week of event)

For any additional questions, please contact

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